Ski Teal we ...DOT?

So I've really been into Dots lately. My dotting tool and I are quickly becoming best friends. I swear every other manicure I do, I reach for the dotting tool. It's so easy and such a quick way to add interest to a manicure without investing a lot of time. With this manicure I started with a base of OPI's Ski Teal We Drop. This is another pretty that I snatched up in the random buy 1 get 2 sale.

This polish is sooooo gorgeous. I'm in love. It probably helps that teal is my all time favorite color. The above photo shows Ski Teal We Drop with no flash. This is a hard color to capture. Below you'll see a photo with flash. 

The photo with flash is closer to the color in the bottle. I'm a horrible person and forgot to take a photo of the base color for ya'll before I dotted it up. Forgive me? Please? I'm so glad we got that out of the way. I promise to be better in the future.

Here is another picture without flash. For some reason my hands look sooo red in this picture. It looks like they are sunburnt. Anyways, Ski Teal We Drop is a one-coater. It's so darkly pigmented and goes on so smoothly, all you need is one coat. I'm wearing two thin coats here, just because I'm used to two and it feels weird if I don't do two. It's a pretty color, but I learned the hard way that it is prone to staining. I had a hard time cleaning up around the edges, so be careful when using this polish. 

Here it is with flash. Again, you get a better color representation, but it washes everything else out. The dots were done with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Ivory Skull. This is a great white and I find myself reaching for it more than the other more expensive ones I own.

What is your favorite color? I'd love to hear.

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee

*all polishes featured in this post were purchased by me

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