Digit-al Dozen does Glitter: Reverse Glitter

Hold onto your butts kids. Today is about to get weird. Of course I had to save the weird look for last. I'm just going to show you. I'm not even going to try and explain it until after you've seen it.

Welp. There it is. I'm calling this the reverse glitter. It's obviously NOT PRACTICAL at all. To create this, I first did my nails with OPI Bubble Bath, which in case you were wondering, is my perfect nude. After that was dry, I applied a "top coat" of liquid latex and waited for that to dry. Then I aggresively sprayed my hand with hairspray and dumped a metric shit ton of glitter on. I used a mix of three neutral Martha Stewart glitters. I continued to add hairspray and glitter until I liked the mixed up look. Finally I topped it off with a final spritz of hair spray to set it. I quickly pulled off the liquid latex to reveal my "bare nails" and I then took pictures. It was immediately washed off, while I tried to avoid touching anything in my house.

So there it is. Five glitter looks for Glitter Week. I hope you enjoyed it. Be sure to check out the other glitter looks in the link up below.

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
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Digit-al Dozen does Glitter: Glitter Placement

Day 4 brings us to a Glitter Placement. I recently got Cirque Colors New Year Trio in the mail and I couldn't wait to use Clink! on my nails. This is a stunning metallic blue that almost glows from within. I had a really hard time capturing it. Below you'll see two easy coats.

Once my base was dry I went in with glitters pulled from Cirque Colors Pop! and placed them in a line down the middle of the nail. It was a quick fun look. I'm loving those star glitters! 

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Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
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Cirque Colors

Digit-al Dozen does Glitter: Pixie Dust SnowFlakes

Hey All! For Day 3 of all things glitter, I chose one of my favorite glitter finishes. PIXIE DUST!! I adore the fine glitter finish on these polishes. They are so amazing. Recently we had a "bomb cyclone" (what the hell is that?) and we watched inches of pretty snow fall on the city. It struck me that those snowflakes really glitter in the snow, so I added in some pretty snowflake accents as well.

I started with a base of Zoya Sunshine, two coats. With these polishes it's important to remember to leave lots of dry time between coats. I then went in with Uber Chic Christmas-02  and MoYou London White Knight to create half moon snowflakes. 

These glitter polishes slay me every time! Be sure to check out all the other glitterific looks below.

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
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MoYou London
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Uber Chic Beauty

Digit-al Dozen does Glitter: Glitter Outline

For day 2 of the Digit-al Dozen glitter prompt, I decided to rock some glitter outline nails. I've seen these rocking around Instagram lately, I believe they originated with South Korean Nail Artist, Unistella.

To put these together, I did a base coat of gel cured, then a second coat uncured. I then placed the glitters individually and pushed them into place. Once they were in the right spots, I cured the second layer. Finally I topped it all off with a top coat. No polish, no nothing. Just base, top, and glitter.

These are pretty fun but they were pretty time consuming. Be sure to check out all the other glitter filled manicures from the link up below.

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee

Digit-al Dozen: Glitter - Full Coverage Glitter

Hey All!

First post of 2018 (can you believe it is 2018 already) and I'm rocking all things glitter with The Digit-al Dozen. I have some fun looks coming up, but for day 1 I decided that a good old all glitter manicure is the way to go.

I searched for a classic glitter polish and came up with OPI Never Too Much Confetti. I applied it with the sponge method for an all over coverage. It's pretty simple as far as glitter goes but it's still fun.

Be sure to check out all the other glitter mani's from the ladies in the inLinkz below. See you tomorrow for day 2.

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
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