#ThePolishedBookWorms: Big Little Lies

About a month ago Lindsey over at Wondrously Polished started a facebook group called 'The Polished Bookworms' where each month we read a book, have a discussion, and then we all post themed manis based on the book. This month we read Liane Moriarity's Big Little Lies. If you haven't read it...it's a fun book with a huge twist at the end. Give it a go! 

I chose to start with a base of Pretty & Polished's Blue Jean Baby. This is an aqua base filled with turquoise micro-glitters, pink squares, little round purple glitters, and turquoise diamonds. This polish choice was based off of my favorite character Madeline who wears turquoise polish and loves everything pink and girly. 

I then used acrylic paints to try and recreate the American version of the book cover on my fingers. I'm not the best at free handing intricate little designs, but I gave it a go. I'm sure Lindsey will blow me away. But take a look anyways....

Be sure to check out all the other ladies who are participating below. We all had great fun reading the book together. I can't wait to see everyone's inspired looks. Next month we're reading The Maze Runner. If you care to join us, visit the Facebook Page.

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
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#StampingSaturday: Apres Ski Mani

Last night I got to attend a fun themed party, so of course I had to have an appropriately themed mani. The party theme was Apres Ski and you had to dress like you were going skiing or at the ski lodge. I love me a good theme!! 

I started off with a base of Cirque Magnum Opus. This is a dark charcoal holographic polish that has a stunning amount of rainbows. 

I then stamped on a snowflake design from PUEEN 61 with Color Club Harp On It on my middle and ring fingers. The holographic polishes mingled so well, it's hard to see the snowflakes in the light. Rainbows are crazy y'all. 

Have you ever been to a themed party? I'd love to hear all about it! Don't forget to check out the other stamped manis below!

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
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Ninja Polish Flibbertigibbet

I ordered a grab bag from Ninja Polish last December and let me tell you, I lucked out. I got lots of great polishes including this stunner.  This is Ninja Polish Flibbertigibbet. All I could think of was the line in Sound of Music where they talk about Maria. 

This polish is a stunning duochrome holographic polish that is green at the base and flashes to purple, brown, blue and so much more. I took like 70 different photos and couldn't get a decent picture of all the colors. 

Sadly, Ninja Polish is no longer making polishes (I wish that would change) but you can still order grab bags from her. Maybe you'll get lucky like I did. 

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
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Have y'all heard all the hype about the BLIZZARD that was supposed to hit NYC? They literally shut the city down and then we ended up getting like under a foot of snow. Alot of the Eastern Seaboard did get hit and I don't envy the amount of snow they had to dig out of. But seriously, NYC was a ghost town for most of the morning until the got the trains back up and running. 

All the talk of snow and blizzards had me craving something warm. I cuddled up with a hot chocolate on the couch and Lacquerlicious (now Polish M) Burnt Marshmallow. This polish is perfect guys. It has the creamy white base aka Marshmallow, brown and black glitters of all sizes aka burnt bits, and burnt orange glitters that bring to mind the embers you roast marshmallows over and viola this polish!! 

I'm debating whether to stamp over this or not. What do you think?
Did y'all get any of the snow from this major storm? Life here has resumed as normal!

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
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Blue Myself : Blue Skittle Look

HAHAH!! Sorry I couldn't resist the joke. I think there's a little Tobias Funke in all of us. I recently gave a sneak peak of these nails on IG and it's time to answer the question I posed there. This is just a little skittlette look I put together using Philly Loves Lacquer Skoo-kill (blue holo) and Lacquerlicious (now Polish M) Christmas Snowfall. 

The glitter in Christmas Snowfall matches the blue of Skoo-kil perfectly. This was a fun little look that I really enjoyed wearing. I got a ton of compliments on it. 

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
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Sunday Swatches: Zoya Naturel Satins

*pr sample
Today I'm bringing you the much anticipated Zoya Naturel Satin polishes. I've been obsessing over these since I received the press release and I'm happy to report they are as awesome as I'd hoped they'd be. This is Zoya's transitional collection that bridges the gap  between winter and spring. 

Let's address formula before we talk about each polish. These are Satin finish polishes so they are meant to be worn without topcoat, Zoya describes them as a hybrid between matte and glossy polishes. Each polish is shown with two coats for full coverage. They all apply great and dry quickly, but be sure to let each coat dry before you apply the second to avoid any dragging.

Up first is Tove. Tove is a light slate grey that leans a bit blue depending on the lighting. 

Sage is next and the name says it all. Sage is a mossy light green polish. This is such a unique color, love it!! 

Brittany, is a rosy mauve polish. This is the darker of the two pinks in the collection. 

Leah is a taupe with lavender leanings. I'm loving this unique shade. 

Rowan is a light tan/brown polish. This was a surprise love for me!! 

Ana is a light pink creme. Zoya describes it as a "light toasted almond creme" but whatever it is, I love it! 

Overall I'm loving this collection. Most of these shades are really unique to my collection and I'm happy to have them. I can see these spanning into spring and farther! What do you think of polishes that don't need a topcoat? Fan or not a fan?

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
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#StampingSaturday: Double Stamping

I'm going to keep today's post quick and simple-ish. My base is Duh Nail Polish (a new to me brand) This is My Party Dress. This is a deep deep forest green polish filled with magenta sparkles. My swatch is one coat. ONE you guys!! You cannot beat that.

I then used MoYou London Suki 07 plate to stamp on some flowers in OPI Casino Royale, which matches the magenta sparkles in This is My Party Dress. 

This ended up being a little dark for me, so I doubled stamped over the top with Sinful Colors Snow Me White. I'm not particularly in love with this look. It is a little fun but the combo of all the colors doesn't work for me. 

What do you think? Yay or Nay? Be sure to add your own Stamped look below and check out all the other ladies! 

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
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#TheLacquerRing: Splatter

It's time for the #TheLacquerRing's art prompt of the month. You may remember we did Cobalt earlier this month. Amanda from Mae's Beauty has picks this month and her art pick was "splatter." This was my first time trying splatter and I think it's safe to say that I hate it and Amanda is a jerk for picking it. ;-)
Seriously though, it looks so easy. In reality it's really hard and makes a HUGE mess. I think there may be nail polish on my ceiling now.
My base for this mess is the lovely Floss Gloss Wet. This color is so freaking pretty. It's described as an "electric turquoise creme" and I don't think I can top that. 

For my splatter I chose L'Oreal's Masked Affair. My beautiful friend Frosso sent this to me cause she loves me. There is a lot of hype surrounding this polish and let me say it's worth hunting down. It's a holographic grey polish (with light lavender leanings) that is simply stunning.

Be sure to check out all the splatter mani's the TLR ladies came up with below.

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
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Inspired by: Rainbow Swirls

Some of my bloggy girlfriends and I decided to do another inspired by post again. We had so much fun the first time seeing how we all interpreted the inspiration piece differently that we picked another one. 

This time around our inspiration post was these rainbow swirl doodles. It posed quite the challenge for me, but I think I did it justice! For my base, I started with OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around. Can we talk about how this is the perfect polish? I love this nude color and need to wear it more. 

I then used Sally Hansen I <3 Nail Art pens in Magenta #390, Yellow #320, Turquoise #450, and Orange #330 plus China Glaze The Grass is Lime Greener to draw on the swirls. The Nail Art pens are so great. I need get these in all the colors!! 

Be sure to check out how the other ladies interpreted the art below. I love each design!! 

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Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
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