Serum No5 Luxe So Good

There is something about a silver holographic polish that is just so gorgeous. Luxe So Good from Serum No5 allows me to wear a fun polish but also take a break from polish craziness. Sometimes a palette cleanser is needed. 
Luxe So Good is not as in your face "HOLO" as some others that I have. It has the rainbows they just aren't as strong. This swatch is 3 thin coats. I did have some issues with dragging so make sure to let each layer dry for a bit before moving on.

So story time...I told you all about my blog New Years resolution, but my personal one is to run a 1/2 Marathon. I got talked into it by a friend, I have a date and a training program. But the thing is...I hate running. Its the worst. But I'm a sucker and agreed to do this so I'll be regaling you with all my aches and pains up until that date. Then we'll all go out for drinks after and I'll vow never to do something so stupid again.

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
*self purchased 

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