Have y'all heard all the hype about the BLIZZARD that was supposed to hit NYC? They literally shut the city down and then we ended up getting like under a foot of snow. Alot of the Eastern Seaboard did get hit and I don't envy the amount of snow they had to dig out of. But seriously, NYC was a ghost town for most of the morning until the got the trains back up and running. 

All the talk of snow and blizzards had me craving something warm. I cuddled up with a hot chocolate on the couch and Lacquerlicious (now Polish M) Burnt Marshmallow. This polish is perfect guys. It has the creamy white base aka Marshmallow, brown and black glitters of all sizes aka burnt bits, and burnt orange glitters that bring to mind the embers you roast marshmallows over and viola this polish!! 

I'm debating whether to stamp over this or not. What do you think?
Did y'all get any of the snow from this major storm? Life here has resumed as normal!

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
*self purchased

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