Manicure in a Rush: Polish Strips

Sometimes you need to do a manicure that is fun but takes no time. Such was my life over the weekend. Part of my job is planning a spring festival and it was this last Saturday. I needed something that would hold up through everything that I could throw at it and I wanted it fast. 

I've had these Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in my melmer forever. I picked them up on sale at Target quite some time ago, thinking someday I will try them. Someday is here. 

Application of these strips was easy and pretty straight forward. They give you 8 different sizes x 2, so 16 strips total. I figured out very quickly that I could get 2 nails out of each polish strip, so over all I'll get two manicures out of the one box, which makes it really nice in my opinion. If you have longer nails, that may not work as well for you. 

Removal of these were easy. They took some time, but removed easily and very cleanly with regular nail polish remover and cotton balls. I don't know that I will buy these all the time, but for a quick easy manicure they are a good thing to have around. 

Funnily enough, I've got a reputation for painting crazy things on my fingers, so when people found out these were strips they were disappointed I didn't do them myself. :-) 

Have you tried the polish strips? What did you think?

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee

*all products featured in this post were purchased by me
  1. You can't always have a crazily hand painted manicure. I've never used these. Does it feel weird to the touch?

    1. Actually they felt like a normal manicure. I was worried about them peeling up, but they didn't do that at all. They worked way better than I expected them too.

  2. These are adorable. I really actually do like the SH strips. I would like to try a watercolor-esque mani like this just using my own polish, cuz I think it's SUPER cute with the different colors of flowers sporadically on each nail.

    1. I do want to try and make my own version of these. I was thinking about that as well.


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