That Escalated Quickly

Lately I have been on a no-buy. Not because I need to save money but more because I haven't seen anything thats caught my eye and screamed "YOU NEED ME! TAKE ME HOME!!!!" I always go look and then I leave with a sigh. People, I haven't bought polish in over a month. Can you imagine...thats not normal for me.

This weekend I went to visit the boyfriend at school. While he went to class I took myself off to the Meijer. I'd heard that they had the Color Club Halo Hues 2012 collection for fairly cheap so I went off in search of that. I've heard good things about Color Club, but I have yet to find a place that sells it where I am. How weird is that?

The good news is that I found what I was looking for and then things escalated quickly. I had no idea what a polish mecca Meijer would be. And then I stopped by Ulta, Sallys, and Groupon. Things happened. Enough talking...on to the polishes.

First up, we have my two picks from the Color Club Halo Hues 2012 Collection. I ended up going with Cherubic and Harp On It. Cherubic is a peachy neutral and Harp On It is silver. 

Then I found another new brand that I'd never heard of called Studio M. Here you see Magical Attraction and Color Club Sky High, from their Take Wing Summer 2012 Collection. 

Next up, I went with these two neon polishes from Studio M. I see some awesome gradients in my future with these. The purple is Thunderbolt and the orange is called Orange Sunset.

Next I stopped by Sally's just to look because they were having the buy 2 get 1 sale. I ended up with 3 polishes from their Avant Garden Collection. Fade into Hue, Mimosas Before Manis, and Tart-y for the Party.

My last stop was Ulta, just because it was on the way home. With a $2 off Sally Hansen coupon and a $3.50 Ulta coupon, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Green Tea ran me like $2 bucks. So can't pass that up right?

Then Groupon was having a sale where for $15 you get the entire Julie G Frosted Gum Drops collection. So after looking at swatches online I had to get those too. What a deal huh?

Overall, with coupons, deals, and such I only spent around $50 which is not bad at all. In fact that is really awesome. Come back tomorrow to see a manicure that I did with 2 of the new colors.

Have you had any polish binges lately? What did you get?

Enjoy & until tomorrow, Amy Lee

*all polishes featured in this post were purchased by me
  1. that color club peachy color *is* really close to the one I just posted. Weird. Still freaking awesome though.

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