Sinful Colors: Sweet Tooth Spring 2013 Collection

Recently I had reason to stop by the local Walgreens. I don't usually frequent Walgreens, but this time I ended up there. And of course, I had to take a tour down the nail polish aisle. I know I'm behind the times but this was my first time seeing the Sinful Colors: Sweet Tooth Spring Collection. There were 7 colors total, but I only grabbed 5 because I'm not greedy. Hah, really though 2 just didn't scream "take me home!" because they looked similar to other polishes I already have.

From left to right you have Unicorn (yellow), Cotton Candy (pink), Sugar Rush (blue), Sweet Tooth (purple), Orange Cream (orange).

I should have listened to the warnings about Unicorn. However, I'm on this quest for the perfect soft yellow color, so I didn't pay attention and bought it anyways. This swatch is 4 thin coats. It applied horribly, this polish was all streaky, draggy, and filled with bald spots. Who wants that?

Cotton Candy applied perfectly. It is the soft pink that my polish collection was missing. It also has this really pretty subtle shimmer that you have to be up close to see. Cotton Candy is shown here with 2 thin coats for full opacity.

Sugar Rush was one of my favorites of this collection. It applied like a dream but did take 3 thin coats to cover the nail fully. I'm a sucker for blue polishes and this one is great.

Sweet Tooth is a nice purple polish. This one also contains that pretty shimmer, but you have to be up close and personal to see it. Trust me, it's there. This polish applies easily and takes 3 thin coats.

Finally we have Orange Cream. This is my other favorite of the collection. More subtle shimmer and it reminds me of those Creamsicles. Yum. While this polish is clearly a soft shade of orange, it does have some coral leanings. I applied 3 thin coats with this polish as well.

Overall, I'd say the polishes from this collection are nice. The colors aren't spectacular or super original. At $1.99 a polish, you can't really go wrong with these. Except Unicorn...heed my warning...don't buy it. Trust me.

I'll be back tomorrow to show you a fun manicure featuring this collection.

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee

*all polishes featured in this post were purchased by me

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