#StampingSaturday: Cirque XX & Lonesome George

I know you all are excited about Stamping Saturday, but can you just take a moment to squeal in happiness with me. As you are reading this post, I'm probably getting married, or getting ready to get married or putting my dress on or.....ok, I think you get the point. The point is IMGETTINGMARRIEDTODAY!!!! Yay!!! It's finally here. Ok, on to the look.

For this look, I started off with a base of Cirque Lonesome George. Swatches of this polish were my gateway drug to Cirque and I think you all know how out of control that obsession has gotten. This is an emerald green holographic polish, and wow, is it pretty.

I know what you are thinking...did she cut her nails? Yes, I had to nubbinize. I had a really bad low break. I patched it with the tea bag method, but the length was too much and it couldn't hold it together. The nubs allow me to use the patch and as Frosso pointed out, if a broken nail is the only thing that goes wrong for the wedding, thats a good thing. Prospective people! I've got several pre-break posts prepared for you all, so don't be shocked when my nails veer from long to short and back again. 

For the next bit, on 3 of my fingers I topped LG with Cirque's XX. XX is confetti in a bottle. It's got so many different shapes, all in holographic colors that you are guaranteed to love it. On my middle and ring finger I stamped on a design from MoYou London Hipster 08 plate. 

I love this design, purely because the boxes are an optical illusion. Stare at them long enough and they'll switch directions. 

Don't forget, link up your stamped mani's below. My favorite part of Stamping Saturday is seeing what everyone else came up with! 

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
*all products used in this look were purchased by me

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  1. Aaaah! This is so beautiful! So freaky

    1. Thanks love! I adore the optical illusion you get from this stamp. It's really neat.


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