Guest Post: Voni from For the Love of Nail Art

I'm so stoked that Amy asked me to Guest Post for her and that The Lacquer Ring decided it be cool if we did wedding theme manis, so I stuck to that idea.
I've never done wedding nails but I wanted to do something different and cute.

I was inspired by the wedding manicures that Stylish Eve on Facebook posted a while ago and that's how this mani was born.

What I used:
Base and Top Coat (obviously),
A creamy, opalescent white. I don't know the name as it's a navy and white duowand Painted Fingertips got me,
I also used Tip Top - A touch of Lilac,
Lily Angel Black polish,
Essence - Be my Lucky Star.

What I did:
Painted all my nails except my ring finger with my white. It was a tiny bit brush strokey but you couldn't really see it.
Then I did a VERY soft saran wrap look using Tip Top - A brush of Lilac. I wanted to go for the look on the invites but it came out lighter than I expected. When that was dry, I topped it with Essence - Be my Lucky Star.
For the Groom/Middle Finger, I took two pieces of tape and made a triangle shape and then painted black below it for the tux. Using my dotting tool, I made the buttons and bow tie.
For the Bride/Ring Finger, I made the V shape freehand and then filled it in with the white. For her necklace, I dotted on the pearls and used a blue diamond rhinestone that I got from Lesley.
I topped my Bride and Groom with top coat and was done.

I would definitely wear this to your wedding Amy and I wish that I could make it because who doesn't need some South African flavour at their wedding ;) hehe.
I love you lots.

V xx

*V! This is so beautiful! I'm obsessed with that necklace and the tux is so amazing! Thank you for giving my corner of the Internet some South African flavor! If you haven't already, check out V's blog, it's full of polishes that make me jealous and its just plain fun to read!*

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