Guest Post: Amanda of Mae's Beauty

*I have a whole slew of guest posts and scheduled posts setup for you while I'm getting married/honeymooning. Enjoy the beautiful ladies and all the looks that will be up for the next two weeks. I'll be back before you know it!*

While Amy is away, off getting married!! and then on her honeymoon, she has asked some special gals to keep you busy while she's gone. :) I thought it only right to do wedding themed nails for the occasion. My husband and I are married 10 years now this year, I can't even believe it. We got married 10 years ago at the Justice of Peace in Texas. He was in the Army and that's where we were stationed at the time. 5 years later to the day we had a vow renewal with all of our families so they could be a part of the special day. My dress had a red accent on the front and then the back had a corset tie and that was also accented with red along with the flowers as you can see here. My nails for my special day were just straight red, so I figured I'd do a little twist but still keep true to my wedding nails. ;)

I started out with two coats of Nubar's Spirit Walker, which to me is the perfect nude. I absolutely love how creamy this color is. If you look closely (more in person than in these pics) it's got a subtle almost light pink shimmer to it.

I just got a bunch more MoYou plates (like I needed them LOL) and one of them is from the Bridal Collection, it's Bridal Collection Plate 07. I used this beautiful half lace design with a flower and tried to place it just so that part of the nude was peeking out. I used China Glaze's Adventure Red-y, this red is gorgeous and I love how it stamped and looked alongside the nude. See for yourself ;)

Alright gals and possibly guys, I hoped you enjoyed my post in Amy's absence. Be sure to wish her well on her wedding day, and depending on when she posts this if it already happened, wish her a safe and Happy ;) :o trip. We miss you Amy, come back soon!!

*I don't know about the rest of you, but I think I now need that nubar in my life. I love that Amanda showed us her dress, she looks absoluetly stunning in it! Thanks for stopping by Amanda. Be sure to check her out over at Mae's Beauty!*
  1. Oh this is beautiful to me

    1. Right? I love her dress and the nails are spot on! Gorg!


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