#TheLacquerRing: Gold

#TheLacquerRing is back. This time the lovely Sibohan of For the Love of Nail Art had the pleasure of September picks. Since all of us know Sib well, it was no surprise when she announced that GOLD would be her color of choice. We don't call her the Gold Masta for nothing. ;-)

For my look I started off with a base of LVX Fantom, the perfect white. Seriously, love it so much. I then topped it with a generous coat of Nicole by OPI My Lips are Dripping Honey. This is a holographic gold hex glitter topper that screams Sibohan to me. 

While that gold topper is pretty, it just wasn't enough. I needed to get mooooooore gold (Austin Powers anyone?) in this mani. I was inspired by this look from Pshiiit Polish, I went for a similar look in gold. I know she freehanded hers, but I did mine with two layers of striping tape. First I taped off the black chevron (Maybelline Color Show Onxy Rush) and then when that was dry added in the gold chevron (China Glaze Angel Wings). 

So what do you think? I love the end result even if it does look a bit like CheerLeader Uniforms on crack. Don't forget to check out all the other gold mani's that CynthiaAmandaLesleyFrossoJessicaSiobhan, and Nicole came up with as well. You can see their looks below.

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
*all products used in this look were purchased by me

  1. omg I totally didn't even associate it with Cheerleading uniforms until you said that. It kind of does, but I love it! I love that gold topper and then the accent V, nicely done, nicely done!

    1. Thanks dear! It was my first thought when I was all done. I think the inspiration was a lot better.

  2. Replies
    1. Seeing as you are the Gold Masta I'm glad you like it.


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