Peek-A-Boo Neons

How was everyone's Memorial Day? I hope most of you got to enjoy a long holiday weekend with loved ones. Sadly I had to work Monday so I didn't get the extra day, but I did have a great weekend. 

Today's post is a lot of fun. I really enjoyed this look. My base color for this look is China Glaze Thistle Do Nicely. Thistle Do Nicely is a neon pink that leans coral in some lights. It's gorgeous and didn't give me any problems formula wise which is a bonus! I actually wore this on it's own for a day before adding on to it. 

I then took striping tape and laid down different designs on each nail. I haven't used striping tape in a while and really wanted to have some fun. Some designs were more complicated than others, but overall they worked well together. I then painted on one thick coat of OPI French Quarter for Your Thoughts on each nail. The gray was the perfect contrast to the neon, creating a fun peek-a-boo look.

I really enjoyed this look. Which design is your favorite? Mine is the middle and ring fingers.

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
*all products featured in this post were purchased by me

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