Essie Too Taboo Neon Collection

YOU GUYS! I got my computer back, finally. It took forever to reload my stuff, but the good news is I am back in business.

Today I have for you the Essie Too Taboo Neon Collection. This is your warning of a picture heavy post. Before I show you the pictures, I want to talk formulas. All of these polishes are a thick jelly like base which applies very sheer and that take alot of layers to get full opacity.

Serial Shopper, which Essie describes as a "florescent fire coral." 4 coats

Vices Versa, which Essie describes as a "juciy neon lime." 4 coats

Sittin' Pretty, which Essie describes as a "vivid intense lavender." 3 coats

Too Taboo, the collection's namesake, Essie describes as a "florescent fuchsia berry." 4 coats

I'm Addicted, which Essie describes as a "neon aquamarine blue." 3 coats

Chills & Thrills, which Essie describes as a "supercharged blue violet." 3 coats

Well what do you think? The formula on these was fairly thin, and I'm guessing they could be used for some awesome jelly sandwiches. While I don't think all the polishes in this collection qualify as "neon" they are certainly eye searingly bright.

Which color is you favorite? I'm a fan of I'm Addicted and Too Taboo.

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee

*all polishes featured were purchased by me
  1. I think i like Chills & Thrills on you the best...but they all look great on you.

    1. You are right. That color always looks good on me. I'm pretty pleased as a whole with this collection, I just wish they were more in your face neon.

  2. Great collection with amazing colors!
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. My fav is Too Taboo and I'm Addicted but I actually like all the colours. I agree that they'd make kwaai jelly sarmies as 4 coats is a lot yo.

  4. Ps: also thinking about doing a ring photo now aka flat hand ;) ;) ;) because I'm lame like that


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