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Hey Y'all! Sorry I didn't post yesterday, my laptop shit the bed and it sent me into a spiral of "FIX IT NOW!" type panic. Thankfully J has a practically brand new laptop that never gets used, so I claimed it as mine. It took a couple of days to get all my stuff to transfer over. I had intended to show you the Zoya Tickled collection yesterday and the Zoya Bubbly collection today, however the Bubbly collection pictures were the lone casualty on the computer and because they were importing when it failed, they are now corrupt on my SD card. Seriously??? So long story still long, I'll have to reswatch them and take pictures again, so look for them soon, hopefully.

Anywaaays...here is the Zoya Tickled collection. Let me show you the collection and then I'll tell you my thoughts.

Zoya Wendy, 3 coats. Wendy is a pink that leans bright coral in some lights. 

Zoya Tilda, is a grass green creme. This is 3 coats. 

Zoya Kitridge is a bright cotton candy pink, its borderline neon bright. This is 3 coats. 

Zoya Ling, a beautiful bright blue. This reminds me of the Cerulean Crayloa Crayon (it was always my fave!). This swatch is 2 coats. 

Zoya Rooney is a berry pink, this is 2 coats. 

Zoya Rocha, my favorite from this collection, is a red orange creme that is gorgeous. This is 3 coats. 

This collection is beautiful and the formulas are perfection, I've come to expect that from Zoya. My one beef with this collection is the fact that Zoya chose to triple down on pinks. Don't get me wrong, the pinks are gorgeous, but do we need 3 in one collection?

Which color is your fave? I love Rocha and Ling! These can be found on the Zoya website for $9.00 each. 

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee

*polishes featured in this post were provided to me in exchange for my honest opinion

  1. Wendy is niiiice and Rooney

    1. Pink is like your second fave color after gold, so I'm not surprised that you love them. ;-)

  2. I seriously love Wendy. Such an amazing shade.
    Also, that is one heck of a ring!!

    1. Wendy is beautiful.
      Also, thanks! I love it.


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