FUN Lacquer Galaxy over OPI Eurso Euro

Remember last week when I was all whiny about my computer shitting the bed? It happened again with the new one. The hard drive failed, woo!! Super fun right. It's been at Apple since Saturday afternoon, they are waiting on a new hard drive to replace the one that failed.  The good news is that all my information is still on the old one just waiting to be transferred over again. Thank goodness for that and for Dropbox. Lifesavers I tell you.
Thankfully, I already had these photos uploaded to Blogger. If they weren't you wouldn't be getting a post today, as I'm doing this via mobile. I'm kind of stuck until I get my computer back. Boo.
For this mani, I started with a base of OPI Eurso Euro. I love this blue. It was the first one I ever purchased (I know right?!) and it totally opened up a world of new colors to me. I wasn't very precise with my application (aka giant bubble on my middle finger) because I knew I was going to be using this as a base for something else.

I then topped Eurso Euro with FUN Lacquer's Galaxy. This is from the creator's birthday collection. As soon as I saw promo shots, it was game over and I knew this needed to be mine. This is actually advertised as a glitter topper. I've layered one coat over my base and you can barely see the base. With two coats this would be fully opaque and you could get away with out a base. I will probably wear it solo in the future. 

Those rainbows kill me. This is one of the prettiest polishes I've bought in a long time. It's seriously gorgeous. In an unrelated note, say goodbye to the super long claws. I chopped them all down recently. They still have some length and I'm sure the super long ones will be back soon. They had just gotten so long, I was becoming paranoid about a super bad break.
Wish me luck with my computer situation!
Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
*all polishes featured in this post were purchased by me

  1. Hope all goes well with the puter. Both of my stupid laptops are about to explode so now I have to just made do with my desktop. I just hate that I can't get in bed and write up my posts and all that. I sound so spoiled...oh, I have 3 computers. My diamond shoes are too tight. Anyway, this polish is so pretty--both of them! But that rainbow....WOW!

    1. CYNTHIA! You kill me. I literally read this in bed and almost woke up the future hubby from laughing. Why don't you take all 3 in and trade them for something else?

  2. Wowsers this is breathtaking. It's like a night sky only brighter


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