Untried Polish Challenge: Glitter

Day 15 y'all and this time I'm on time. Can I get a whoot? WHOOT! 

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Today's theme for the Untried Polish Challenge is Glitter. I've had this particular glitter for quite some time and as usual, I'm kicking myself for not trying it sooner. I give you Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Mermaids Tale. 

Mermaids Tale made my camera freak out. It was so hard to capture all the shiny goodness of this polish. This polish has a dark blue jelly base filled to the brim with small blue glitters and medium sized blue and green hex glitters. It's the perfect jelly sandwich in a bottle. You cannot go wrong with this polish people, I know its still available so I highly recommend bringing it home with you. I've also heard that this polish is a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Across the Universe. While I can't deny or confirm this, its certainly a much cheaper and easily accesible option. 

Also, I got some exciting bloggy news today and while I can't say anything yet, I'm 99.5% sure it's going to involve my first ever giveaway! EEEK!!

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Enjoy & until tomorrow, Amy Lee

*all products featured in this post were purchased by me
  1. Ooo I have this one and I still need to try it! It's super pretty!

    1. Yes you do. Everytime I try a new polish, I"m like "WHY HAVENT I USED THIS?"

  2. It's also very similar to the Essence I have, Blue Addicted but I do love this - STUNNING! I also like the cute short nails

    1. Thanks!! I don't have any Essences. You can't really find them around here, but I've heard good things.

  3. Did you layer this over something? I love this polish.. I think it looks so pretty and the jelly base adds a little somethinsomethin.. Yours looks a little darker to me though, but maybe that was your camera freaking out or maybe it's just me. :) You're making me want to use it again!

    1. I didn't layer it over anything, it just freaked my camera out. Totally use it again, it is so freaking pretty.

  4. lol I hate that when cameras freak out. This is really pretty it reminds me of Deborah Lippmann Across the Universe a bit. This is gorgeous! HAte when cameras freak out though, mine does it often :(

    1. I've heard that it is a dupe for the DL. I've never seen that one though so I don't really know.

      I just have a little Sony point and shoot, it freaks out quite a bit. :-)


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