Untried Polish Challenge: Cool

I'm back again with another installment of the Untried Polish Challenge. Day 6 is Cool. After my Hot Chocolate Nails all I could think was what drink cools me off. Can you guess?

First I started with a base of Jade Seduca Rosa. This is a light pink holographic polish and boy is it filled with rainbows. Jade is a Brazilian polish so not easily found in the States, but I know you can order them from Llarowre and other resellers if you are interested in getting them. 

I had to include one more shot, because SO PRETTY! Anyways, after letting Seduca Rosa dry, I added half circles in Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Yellow Kitty. 

I then painted in lines to define the lemons in Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Ivory Skull. And there you have it Pink Lemonade nails. Are y'all keeping track? That is two freehand nail art designs in a row. I am really branching out with this polish challenge. 

What drink do you prefer on a hot day? Are you a pink lemonade girl like me?

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Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee

*all polishes featured in this post were purchased by me
  1. That is so very holographic! Very nice. :)

  2. Darn, I wish I had hopped on the challange bandwagon, all of the entries are so awesome.

    Anywho - yours are gorgeous!

    I keep ending up here from Reddit, and loving your mani's so I thought I'd add you as one of my favorite blogs on my site (http://nails.chantellejoy.com), thought you ought to know! :)

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. I'll have to check your blog out. I love finding new ones.

  3. I like how you are making them based on drinks and such rather than just on colour! what a great idea :)

    1. Thanks. I really love the different directions everyone is going with the challenge. Its so fun to see everyones interpretations.

  4. I love Jade holos. I still haven't tried all the ones I have. This mani is so cute!

    1. They are so amazing. Super strong rainbows in them. Love Love Love! I wish I had more.

  5. I love pink lemonade! These nails are making me thirsty. D:


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