Bellaluna Cosmetics: Prosperity

OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS! A whole week disappeared on me. I was so busy finishing up Jury Duty and then playing catch up at work, that it literally flew by. I didn't even get a chance to wave at it as it brushed by me. Things have settled down finally (thank goodness) and I have fun pretty things to show you. 

Today, I have another installment of Bellaluna Cosmetics birthstone collection for you. These polishes are monthly releases that reflect the birthstone of that month. Prosperity is based off of August's birthstone the Peridot. The Egyptian's used to call Peridot's the gem of the sun, I just love that. Prosperity is a bright lime green polish filled with beautiful iridescent flecks of shimmer. 

For a little fun, I went in with Bellaluna Cosmetics Luck of the Irish and Twinkled T Triangle Swirl Vinyls for this fun look. On my middle finger I started with Luck of the Irish as a base and sponged Prosperity on top. I flip flopped it on my ring finger. These two polishes are from completely different collections, but it's like they were made for each other. I adore these greens together.

I cannot wait to see what Samantha comes up with for September as I have a particular love for sapphires. My engagement ring is a yellow sapphire and my mom's, aunt's, and grandmother's rings are all sapphires as well.

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
*prosperity was provided for my honest review
**luck of the irish and vinyls were self purchased

Bellaluna Cosmetics
Twinkled T
  1. Cute! I love how the design looks on your ring finger :)

  2. i absolutely love this mani!! great job!!

  3. I love green polish, this is superb!

  4. Beautiful mani! This polish is definitely August! She nailed it.

  5. Gorgeous nail art! I didn't realize your stone was a yellow sapphire - I always assumed it was a yellow diamond - I am a huge fan of your ring and love seeing how it goes with your manis.

    1. We have a tradition of sapphires in my family, so I wanted that but with a twist. I'm so happy with the route I took. ;-)

  6. Beautiful swatch and nail art! Prosperity is my favorite shade of green!

  7. Lovey swatches & nail art! Those greens really do look like they belong together!! I can't wait to see what September holds as well because that's my birthday month AND I love sapphires!

  8. thank you so much, greens are always fun.


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