Cirque Lullaby

This mani is one from the vault. Check out the difference between my old photos (this post) versus my photos from my new camera. Such a huge difference. I'm in love with the new camera.

This is Cirque Lullaby over Sephora X Extraordinary. Extraordinary is light pale gray. Out of the two Lullaby is definitely the extraordinary polish here. I've never seen anything like it.  It's a mix of pastel glitters in all shapes and sizes, including stars, in a clear base. It's amazeballs and I can't wait to try it over other colors as well. 

Enjoy & until tomorrow, Amy Lee

*all polishes featured in this post were purchased by me

  1. Replies
    1. I can totally see this being a you polish. Guess I know which pretty to send you next. :-)

  2. What camera did you end up going with? I still haven't worn a single Cirque...I know...blasphemy. I was planning on it...then all my nails broke once the weather got crazy cold. wtf...I'm ashamed and depressed I haven't been able to paint my nails in over a week.
    However, this combination is gorgeous and it's not making me feel any better :P

    1. I got a Nikon J3. It's like the perfect inbetween, still a little digital camera, but it has interchangeable lenses which is really neat.

      WEAR THOSE CIRQUES!! You will not be disappointed.


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