Formula X the 22: Explosives & Transformers Topcoats

Today I have the final post in my Formula X The 22 collection. Today we cover my favorite part of the set, the topcoats. If you missed the previous posts please check out Chromes & Electrics, New Classics, and the New Neutrals.

I have one Transformers Topcoat and three Xplosives Topcoats. Up first the three Xplosives Topcoats.

Bionic, a black and yellow glitter topper, 1 coat over Radioactive. 

Wham!, white glitter topper with bar, microglitter & larger hexes, 1 coat over Haphazard. This is my favorite one from the set. I even bought a full size bottle, because LOVE IT!

Turbulent, black and bright light blue glitter, 1 coat over Unmistakeable. 

Next we have the lone Transformers Topcoat.

Meteoric, holographic microglitter with black and white glitters, 1 coat over Zap. 

So there it is, all 22 polishes! Are you exhausted yet? I feel like that took forever. Which ones are your favorites?

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee

*all polishes featured in this post were purchased by me

  1. Holy shit, that was a lot of Formula X! You got the mini set, right? RIGHT? Cause I was doing some math and 22 Formula X polishes comes out to....NEVERMIND. I really love all of these but I think Turbulent is my favorite.

    1. I did get the mini set. It was nice, but I have alot of dupes, because it contains alot of starter type colors. I think I might blog sale it when I get to that point.


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