#31DC2016: Stripes

Today is Stripes for the #31DC2016 challenge. I like where this one started but I'm not a fan of the end look. I was inpsired by this design on pinterest. Since I knew I couldn't do the gold writing, I wanted to honor that in the final design. So I chose a base of ILNP I See You, which is a champagne gold holo. Love those rainbows in that soft holo. I somehow only managed to get one pose with the base, but I think it shows it off well.

Next I went in with ILNP Summer Crush (bright pink scattered holo) and Illamasqua Throb (deep blood red) to create the background design. It's sort of a two-tone cheetah-ish design. I wish I'd just stopped here, but I needed those stripes.

I then added in a stripe of white polish to create a solid base for the stripes. I then layered on a stripe of Summer Crush for the outside lines. Finally I did a stripe of Throb down the middle.

There you have it. Stripes. See you tomorrow for Animal Print.

Enjoy & until tomorrow, Amy Lee
*self purchased

  1. I love the pink and red leopard print over the ILNP. Such a good pairing.

  2. I think that counts as stripes *and* animal prints!

  3. I and nervous that covering the leopard would make me sad but the stripe totally elevates it


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