#31DC2016: Animal Print

Today's prompt is Animal Print for the challenge and I wanted to do something original. Last year's poison dart frog print was one of my favorites so I knew I need to do something cool this year too. I looked all over for an unusual animal print and finally landed on the photo below of a Map Puffer Fish. I fell in love with the graphic look of the black and white combined with the bright yellow.

I started off with a base of China Glaze Celtic Sun which is pretty much the BRIGHTEST yellow I own. Like it's sear your eyeballs neon bright. I probably should have gone for a different yellow, but ce la vie.  I then layered in the black (Painted Polish Midnight Mischief) and white (OPI Alpine Snow) to make the pattern. It's very graphic and bright, but I like the way it all came together. 

Check out all the other cool animal patterns and I'll see you all tomorrow for Flowers.

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
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Painted Polish 

  1. I love how graphic the design is. The black plus neon looks so striking.

  2. Such a great design! I'm so glad you went outside the normal for this prompt!

  3. Oh very cool and not an everyday animal print. I love it!


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