Jessica Gelato Mio Collection

Recently I got my greedy little hands on the Gelato Mio Collection thanks to my good friend Cynthia.  These beautiful polishes then had to get on my fingers. These are six gorgeous cremes that apply easily. My only beef is the names, if you are going to name the collection Gelato Mio, why wouldn't you give them actual gelato names? It just doesn't make sense.

Let's take a look at the polishes now. Up first is Banana Peel. A yellowy tan that is opaque in 3 coats.

Now Barely Blueberry. This is a pale greyed blue that's really nice. This blue is unlike any other blue I have.

This is Lime Cooler. I'm in love with this green. Like oh em gee it's amazing.

 Strawberry Shake It is a beautiful pale pink that is actually opaque in two coats and not sheer.

Surfer Boyz'n Berry is a gorgeous bright blue creme that has some teal in it. Obviously you know I love a good teal, so I love this. 

Finally we have Tangerine Dreamz. This is an orange creme with red undertones. It's very pretty and of course has a great formula.

Which color is your favorite from this collection? As you can tell, I'm trying out a new hand pose. What do you think, I'm undecided.

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee

*all items featured in this post were purchased by me
  1. Before I read your last sentence, I was going to say that I LOVE your new hand pose. It looks so classy with that background and your hand looks beautiful like that. I am going to get right bike tonight so I may be back with a dose of ridiculousness.

    1. I'm glad you like. I was really undecided on it, but I like that it's fairly different from the other blogs plus it gives a good angle on the colors.

  2. Barely Blueberry and Lime Cooler are pretty awesome but Tangerine Dream calls

    1. Oh yes. Love the new hand pose

    2. I honestly love the whole collection. It's creamy perfection. I'm glad you like the new pose.


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