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Hi all!

I've recently received two nominations for the Liebster Blog Award! Thanks to Annie at the Nail Snail and Chanfie at Indian Ocean Polish  for the nominations. From what I can tell, this is more of a Chain Letter than an award, but I'm still going to play. I have to answer 11 questions from my nominees, and then nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers to answer my 11 questions.  LETS DO THIS!!

So up first here are the 22 questions that were asked of me.

Liebster Award: Questions & Answers

IndianOcean Polish Questions
1.     Who/what inspired your blog?
I’ve been doing nail art off and on for the last several years. Around a year ago I started following some polish blogs and formed some fast friendships with other bloggers. So with the help of my good friend Valerie (she made my fabulous blog header) and Cynthia over at Of Life and Lacquer, the 2 of them got me into Nail Blogging. 

2.     Keeping with the 11 theme of this award, what are your 11 favorite polishes?
How do you pick 11 polishes?! That’s ridiculous but I’ll give it a try.
1.     A England St. George
2.     Butter London Bit Faker
3.     China Glaze I’m Not Lion
4.     Essie Chinchilly
5.     Flossy Lacquers Bedtime Paradox
6.     Lush Lacquer Clowning Around
7.     Maybelline Color Show Sapphire Masquerade
8.     OPI Alcatraz…Rocks
9.     OPI Tiffany Case
10. Orly Sparkling Garbage
11. Zoya Carter
Can you tell I like sparkles, holos, and textured polishes?  Don’t let the list fool you. I love me a good straight up crème polish too.

3.     What is your favorite type of nail art and how long have you been doing it?
I’d have to say stamping. It gives amazing results and is super quick. Stamping was my gateway drug into nail art, so close to 3 years.

4.     Do you ever experiment with different nail shapes/lengths? Which is your favorite?
I don’t and I wish I did. I’m rough on my hands, so lots of length doesn’t happen. I stick with a shorter squoval shape. I dream about having longer almond shaped nails.

5.     Do you have other hobbies other than painting your nails?
I love to sew/craft although I don’t do it as often as I’d like. I also love to play tennis.

6.     What nail related beauty product could you not live without?
Neutrogena Hand Cream. I love this lotion and I have bottles in my purse and all over the apartment, so I’m never to far from it.

7.     How many photo’s on average do you take of each mani?
Around 10-15. Then I usually pick the best 3 and go from there.

8.     What  is the biggest challenges you’ve faced with your blog?
My photos. I’m constantly trying to improve them and I feel like it can be really hit or miss on them.

9.     What technique that you have not tried yet would you like to master?
I’d like to try the elmers glue under glitter polish, but I’ve heard it takes forever to dry so I’m scared to try it.

10. What’s your go-to mani when you’re pushed for time?
Texture polish all the way. You don’t need topcoat, if you smudge it a little it doesn’t really show, and it’s always pretty.

11.  What mani are you most proud of, and why?
If it was 1 post with 2 mani’s does that count. I’m going to say my moving to NYC Nails, so I had one KS hand and a NYC hand and everything was freehanded. It was the most detailed I’ve ever gotten and the best execution of an idea I’ve ever had.

The Nail Snail Questions
1.     What is your favorite nail polish?
Really, I just had to pick 11. I guess I’ll go with A England’s St. George. If you don’t have that one in your life, you are missing out.

2.     What other hobbies do you have, besides nail polish?
I love to sew/craft although I don’t do it as often as I’d like. I also love to play tennis.

3.     In your opinion, what is the best mani you’ve ever done?

4.     How did you come up with your blog name?
I was having a conversation with my friend Valerie (who I got into nail art) and I told her that I’d brought her to the Fancy Side. It’s like the Dark Side but with pretty polish and glitter.  It became a joke and then when I decided to start my blog, it only seemed natural to call it that.

5.     What is your favorite flower?
I love snap dragons. They are such an unusual shape and the colors are gorgeous.

6.     What is the accomplishment you’re most proud of?           
What’s with the tough questions? I would have to say I’m really proud of making it to Nationals with my college Tennis Team. We worked our butts off for that.

7.     Who is your favorite composer?
Uhhhhh… Tchaikovsky? I love the Nutcracker Suite as done by the original Fantasia. The Waltz of the Flowers is to die for.

8.     What’s your favorite board game?           
Cards against humanity. It’s the dirty version of Apples to Apples and it is HYSTERICAL!

9.     What sports do you like to watch/what are your favorite teams?
I like to watch Pro Football and College Basketball. You’d think as a tennis player/coach I’d like to watch tennis, but it drives me nuts to watch and not be playing.
Favorite teams are KC Chiefs, KC Royals, KU Jayhawks, NY Knicks.

10. What would be your dream vacation?
Safari in Africa!

11. Do you like country music? And if you do, do you agree that Blake Shelton has a bit of a monopoly over the country radio stations?
I’m not going to lie, the second half of this question cracks me up. I do like Country Music, but I usually just listen to what I have in my itunes, so I don’t know about Blake monopolizing the airwaves.

Alright these are the questions that I'm asking!

1.     What book have you read more than once?
2.     Favorite polish color?
3.     What is your favorite animal?
4.     If you owned an Etsy shop, what would you sell?
5.     Favorite movie from your childhood?
6.     What is a current fashion trend that you absolutely hate?
7.     What is your go to outfit?
8.     What part of school did you hate the most?
9.     What favorite TV show currently?
10. Do you have a dream car?
11. Tell me a random fact about yourself!

Finally, I'm nominating the following bloggers!
  1. Valerie at One Sassy Housewife
  2. Amanda at Mae's Beauty
  3. Voni at For the Love of Nailart
  4. Nicole at Polish Me, Please!
  5. Sam at Polished Art
  6. Amanda at Pretty Girl Science
  7. Nichole at Pretty Girl Science
  8. PsycoSexy
  9. Jossie at Pinkbeauty 
  10. Heather at I Feel Polished!
  11. Madison at Fundamentaly Flawless
I don't know how many of you ladies will participate, but if you do. I hope you have fun! 

  1. Yay!! Thanks for participating!! I guess I'll have to get me some A England St. George now! I've been wanting to try the Elmers glue thing too! I tried it instead of scotch tape around my nails once for a splatter manicure, and yes, it took a ridiculous amount of time to dry. I guess as a base coat it's a toss up between time waiting for that to dry, and time waiting for acetone to do it's magic on glitter polish.

    1. It was fun! You need St. George in your life. Everyone does.

  2. I will definitely have to bug Amanda about doing this!

    1. I hope you ladies do it. It was surprisingly fun!

  3. Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions! Glad you like country music :)


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