China Glaze On the Horizon Collection

So I know that for most people it's either a love or hate thing when it comes to bar glitter. My friend Valerie hates bar glitter (she calls them Hairy Glitter) but I'm firmly in the LOVE group. So today, I have for you a fun collection. This is China Glaze's On the Horizon Collection.

The formula was similar on all of these so let me get it out of the way. I applied one coat over a base color for all of these and loaded up my brush with glitter, put a big glob on my nail, then pushed it around to cover the nail. (I hope that makes sense) On to the pictures. There are alot of them so be prepared.

Flying South over LCN Hot Chili. Flying South is peach and yellow bar glitter in a clear base with peach microglitter.

Light as a Feather over LCN Blue Oasis. Light as a Feather is black, white, yellow, and peach bar glitter in a clear base. 

All a Flutter over LCN Pink Pepper. All a Flutter is periwinkle, peach, and light pink bar glitter in a clear base. 

Flock Together over LCN Fiery Cumin. Flock Together is light blue, black, and lime green bar glitter in a clear base. 

You're a Hoot over Maybelline Color Show Plush Plum. You're a Hoot is peach, yellow, and black bar glitter in a clear base. 

Party Fowl over OPI My Vampire is Buff. Party Fowl is periwinkle, peach, and black bar glitter in a clear base. 

My favorites are All a Flutter, Party Fowl, and Flying South. Which ones are your favorites?

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee

*all polishes featured in this post were purchased by me

  1. You are so right that these are completely polarizing. I am definitely in the do not like camp. I agree with Val: HAIRY GLITTER!!! I do like your color combos, though!

    1. Everyone either hates or loves them. I'm glad you like the color combos!

  2. I love your colour combos! All a flutter was my fav

  3. lol @ Hairy Glitter. Not for me either :/


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