Guest Post: Voni from For the Love of Nail Art

So hello all there, it is me, V aka @vonimoller, all the way from sunny South Africa.

Amy asked me to do a guest post for her and I wanted to do an SA mani because this is my home and I've never been to any of my favourite places (India or Egypt).

South Africa is such a sunny, warm place so that's why on my index and pinky you see lil suns.
On my ring and middle finger, I freehanded the South African flag and I'm including a small tutorial collage.
1. Start by drawing a triangle in black, then filling the area.
2. Outline your triangle with yellow.
3. Make a thickish, green Y shape and then fill that in.
4. Outline each side with white.
5. Fill the top with red and the bottom with blue
6. Top coat that baby!

So welcome to South Africa, even if it's only a virtual visit to my blog :D

Thanx Amy for letting your readers travel to me and letting me spam your blog a bit :D

V is my furthest away polish friend and you'd better believe that I want to adventure my way to SA and see her. We'll go on Safari together with perfectly manicured nails. :-) I love that she taught us all how to create her countries flag via nails! They are so beautiful! Be sure to visit SA through her blog!

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