#TheLacquerRing: Tardis Blue

So today #TheLacquerRing is doing Tardis Blue nails. Confession: my knowledge of Dr. Who related things are only things that have linked into popular culture. I've always wanted to watch but I'm very intimidated by the 74 seasons that are out there. It seems like such a commitment. 

So Tardis Blue....after seeing everyone else's looks I realize my blue should have been more vibrant, but too late now. I chose Picture Polish Forget Me Not because I loved the little holo flakies in the cornflower base. 

Then I stamped on some Dr. Who related things from MyOnlineShop JR-31 using Sally Hansen Silver Sweep. I only have this plate because 2/3 of it is Harry Potter related. But I do know that these 5 designs are Dr. Who related.

There you have it! I even have a Tardis for the Tardis prompt. HAH! Be sure to check out all the other lovely ladies and their designs below.

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
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