Mix 'n' Match Pumpkin Faces

It's Thursday y'all. That means tomorrow is Jeans Friday and then I'm free for the weekend. It's much needed. I cannot wait to have a free moment. After this weekend its go go go through the holidays. How did that happen? It's a good thing I'm obsessive about my planner because otherwise our lives would fall apart. 

Today, I have two things to show you. One is a beautiful polish and the other is some fun pumpkin faces, but more on those later. First lets look at the polish, Illamasqua Marquise, a warm-toned orange filled with gold. This polish is actually meant to be worn textured, but for today's purposes, I'm wearing it with a top coat applied. 

Now for the fun bit. I got these Mix n Match Pumpkin Faces* from Beyond the Nail. They are little vinyls that you can pair up in a ton of different combinations to create pumpkin faces. Some of the smaller bits were a little hard to place, but not to difficult. I topped everything off with topcoat to seal the vinyls in.

And I'm topping this post off with a rare shot of both hands, so you can see more face combos. Don't expect it often ya'll.

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
*vinyls are press sample
**polish is self purchased
Beyond the Nail
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  1. That is such a flattering orange and the little faces are too cute!

    1. I've had this one forever, I'm mad it took me so long to wear it.

  2. That Illamasqua is gorgeous! A fun and simple Halloween mani. Love it.

    1. Super easy, super cute. The best kind of look.

  3. I looooove this polish! It really looks great on you and I love the jack-o-lantern faces!

  4. The orange is super pretty ! I love the final mani, so fun !


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