Grumpy Pumpkin

I mentioned recently that I had a bad break and had to go down to nubs again. Well since I was in mourning for my awesome coffin nails, I decided to wear black polish on my nubs. But not just any black polish, because that would be boring. ;-) I decided on Beyond the Nail Holographic Black Microglitter* that is part of their Halloween line. Just because I'm sad about my nubs, doesn't mean I can't be fabulous. I used three thin coats for full coverage, and I did top it with a generous portion of top coat, because it dried a little gritty. 

I wore it on it's own for a few days, because it was hard to cover up the pretty, but finally I decided to add a little Halloween fun. I stamped on a lined pattern from Uber Chic 2-01 and a grumpy pumpkin (he's so adorable) from Uber Chic Halloween-01 in Mundo de Unas Geranium.

I'm totally in love with the grumpy pumpkin. I love his "disappointed in you face". What do you think?

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
*press sample
**all other supplies self purchased
Beyond the Nail
Uber Chic Beauty
  1. The polish and the pumpkin are very nice!

  2. It's a gorgeous polish and you're stamping looks great!

  3. beautiful polish!! the stamping goes perfectly with it!

  4. I love what you did with this! Gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful mani, I love the grumpy pumpkin too!

  6. That pumpkin is fantastic! Love the addition of the stamps.

  7. I really love the orange chevron pattern you layered it with!

    1. Thanks. Next time I might do it horizontal so you can see more of the pattern.

  8. This polish looks great on your shirt nails and that little grumpy dude is just awesome!

  9. Thanks Tracey. It's always such a bummer to go from a fun shape to nubs.


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