#TheLacquerRing: Stars

#TheLacquerRing is back for the second prompt of the month. This month Lesley aka @msfitlesly has picks. For the color prompt she chose magenta which you may remember. For the art prompt she chose stars. I cannot wait to see how everyone interprets this prompt. I think I came at it from left field but I love my end design. 

Lets start with my base. This is two gorgeous coats of Morgan Taylor Super Ultra Violet. Super Ultra Violet is a "blurple" it straddles the line between navy and deep purple. 

I then sponged on ILNP Supernova on in random patterns on my nails. This is one of the new Ultra Chrome Flakies. I had such a hard time capturing the color shift on my nails. It goes from green, blue, and purple in the right lighting. 

Finally I did my stars. I looked up constellation patterns and dotted on "stars" in the patterns of the constellations. On my thumb you'll find Leo, pointer is the Big Dipper, middle is Orion (MY FAVE), ring finger is Cassiopeia, and my pinky is Aires. 

I love the idea of doing the constellations on my fingers. My dad taught me how to pick them out when I was little, so it was fun to use them in nail art.

Don't forget to check out everyone else's "Star" looks, the links are below.

Which constellation is your favorite? Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
*products used in this post were self purchased
  1. Oh I love the random scatters of sparkle, such a pretty effect!

    xoxo B | Enter our Cirque Color's giveaway!

    1. Thank you so much! I love the way it sort of looks a little like a galaxy.

  2. I can't believe I haven't commented on this until now! I'm trying to get back into participating in blogs again.
    I love everything about this, especially your interpretation (and I am a Leo, so, nice choice)! ;) I also love the blurple and Supernova...you can totally see the color shifts in it! Super cool all around. :)


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