Picture Polish Peacock & NCLA Wraps

I'm deep into the holiday manis but I've had this post sitting in my draft for months. I thought you might appreciate a break from the Christmas looks so I'm posting this. I love everything peacock themed. Really, I love the colors that can be found in their feathers. I'm a sucker for those particular jewel tones. I even used them as my color inspiration for my wedding. So when I saw these NCLA nail wraps, I knew they needed to be mine. 

I chose to pair my nail wraps with Picture Polish Peacock. Perfect name for the perfect pairing! Peacock is a deep purple jelly base filled with teal sparkles. I'm so loving this combo. The way the polish and the nail wraps match up work really well. I got a little wrinkle on my pinky from the wrap not fitting perfectly, but overall I'm a fan. 

What do you think of nail wraps? Yay or nay? I think they make for a fun accent, but usually I'll pick polish over the wrap. 

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
*items used in this post were self purchased

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