#TheLacquerRing: Magenta

#TheLacquerRing is back y'all! These two posts are my favorite each month because I love getting the color and art prompts and then seeing how we all interpret it. This month Lesley aka @msfitlesly has picks. For the color prompt she chose magenta.

Lucky for me, I got my shipment of the new Polished by KPT Cosmic Xodus collection in, which just happens to have the perfect magenta polish in it. So here is my magenta pick, Wave Function. WF is a goregous magenta jelly base packed with holographic glitters that flash purple, red, silver, and rainbow depending on the lighting.

The name Wave Function inspired me so I added an accent nail using Polished by KPT Light Years and KBShimmer Wavy Lines Vinyls. Light Years is a silver polish made up of tiny bar glitters aka hairy glitters as my friend Val calls them. 

That friends, is my magenta manicure. What do you think? Plain or with the accent nail? I'm undecided. Be sure to check out the other magenta manis below by my talented friends.

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Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
*all products featured are self purchased
  1. You betch! I love this. The color is absolutely gorgeous and I bet the sparkle in the sun is out of this world.

    1. Thanks!! It's so freaking pretty and I love it so much. I cannot wait to try the other polishes in this collection!

  2. Guess who? :)
    Well, it was quite fortuitous that you received these awesome polishes right before TLR! They're perfect! And the silver is all tiny bar glitter?
    To answer your question...I like the mani with the accent, although you really can't go wrong. ;)

    1. Oh Lesley! It did work out perfect. It is all tiny itty bitty bar glitter but I think it works that way. I'm glad you like it since it was your pick.


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