#TheLacquerRing: Inspired by Frosso

Hey all TLR is back for October. Normally for our second prompt every month, we pick a theme. This month we are being inspired by our sweet friend Frosso from Lacquer Me Silly, so that is our theme. She recently announced her retirement from blogging, as life has gotten to busy and other things are taking priority. As a founding member of #TLR and #StampingSaturday she will be missed. However I think she might pop in from time to time on Instagram, because I just don't think she can go cold turkey. I've chosen to be inspired by one of Fross' Halloween manis. She's always had great Halloween mani's and one of my favorites is FrakenGlam.

For my base I started with China Glaze Running in Circles. I love this green. It's filled with tiny glitter that makes for a super shiny green.

I then used a small nail art brush and Maybelline Color Show Onxy Rush and Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Ivory Skull and freehanded the details on. FrakenGlam looked a little lonely though, so I gave him a friend aka Bride of FrakenGlam. 

Lets look at the side by side comparison of the original and my version, what do you think? Did I do Fross' original look justice?

Don't forget to check out the looks the other ladies recreated below!

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
*self purchased

  1. I think you did it justice x100. I love your version, especially the addition of the bride. Also, running in circles is one of my fave greens so that also helps the awesome factor.

    1. Running in Circles is the best green I own. I love that polish. I just felt like he needed a friend ya know? I'm so glad you approve.

  2. Replies
    1. Personally I love Fross' green glitter more, but I think it came together really well.


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