Let's Go Knicks

I would say that I like sports more than your average female. As long as its specific to the teams I like, I can name players, stats, facts, and have intelligent conversation. I cannot name stats and scores from 15 years ago about every sport and team ever like my fiance. I think this is a total guy thing and I do not get it. However, I can name polishes just by looking at them, so I've got that going on and I'm sure guys don't get it.

Anyways, my point is, that since I didn't have a NBA team affiliation, my fiance has declared I shall be a Knicks fan with him. I'm ok with this. We've got a good team, fun players, and a cool color scheme. ;-) The other day the future hubs and I grabbed some last minute tickets and went to Madison Square Garden to see the Knicks play. Of course I had to represent the team on my nails.

For these nails I used Zoya Amy (orange foil) and OPI Eurso Euro (navy blue creme). On my thumb I used a striper to apply Eurso Euro to create a basketball. I used a dotting tool for the polka dots on my ring finger and striping tape for the net-esque pattern on my pinky. On my pointer and middle fingers I hand placed silver glequins to spell out NY. On my other hand, I switched the color scheme, so I have a rare picture of my right hand for you (I can tell you are excited). 

As you can see my striping, dotting, and tape skills are not as good on this hand but it was still a pretty good job.

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee

*all products featured in this post were purchased by me

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