Do you need both? Texture Polish Dupes

Alright, so do y'all remember the other day when I did the Texture Glitter Stripe manicure? Well that brought to light two possible dupes that I had in the blue range. While I was comparing those I grabbed a few other polishes to compare for you as well. I have 5 comparisons for you today, count them 5! Lets get down to business.

Up first is Julie G Sleigh Ride and Zoya Liberty.

As far as I can tell these are exact dupes in color. The only difference is that Liberty is a much finer glitter so the feel is different. Both are huge stainers. Also the price point is very different. If you have one, you don't need both. 

Next we have OPI Jinx vs. Julie G Sugar Rush. 

Jinx is not quite as bright as Sugar Rush, as it has a brighter red base. Sugar Rush is a much chunkier glitter and has a more difficult formula. I'd say these two are similar but not the same. Personally, I prefer Jinx over Sugar Rush. 

Our third comparison is Zoya Carter vs. Julie G Sugar Plum Fairy. 

I thought these two would be much closer, until I got them next together. As you can see Zoya is a brighter purple glitter in a blackened base while Sugar Plum Fairy is more of a deep plum glitter in the same color base. I love them both and I'm so glad that I have them both. 

Now lets look at Julie G HoHoHo vs. Zoya Miranda. 

These two are very similar with small differences. HoHoHo is a bit of a brighter pink base with silver glitters. Miranda is a darker pink with golden glitters. Those are very minor differences that you can only see when you have your fingers right in fron of your eyeballs. From a distance they look exactly the same. Unless you're crazy (like me) you don't need both of these in your collection. 

Finally we have Julie G Blueberry Fizz vs. OPI Kiss Me at Midnight. 

In the bottle these two look very similar, but once you apply them they are different. Blueberry Fizz is a much lighter blue than Kiss Me at Midnight. Kiss Me at Midnight also has silver hexes that catch the light and make for a great finish. You probably don't need both, but OPI is the winner in my book here. 

Which ones do you prefer?

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee

*All polishes featured in this post were purchased by me

  1. Zoya Carter is SO stunning! I got stuck there hey

    1. Tell me about it. Carter is by far my favorite textured polish that I own.

  2. as much as I dont like these, I might actually wear the blue, that is till I feel the horrendous texture. LOL I dont know what I have against them but I hate the feeling of it. lol

    1. Honestly, I thought I would be so weirded out by the texture but i love them now.

  3. Thanks for the excellent comparison post, it's very helpful!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and found it helpful. That is always the goal.


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