Guest Post: Sam from Polished Art

Hello The Fancy Side readers! I'm Sam from Polished Art. I'm very excited to be doing a guest post for the lovely Amy today! I 'met' Amy whilst doing the Untried Polish Challenge (which I never completed due to my laptop deciding to die on my untried stash is still huge!) and jumped at the chance to do a guest post for her when she asked if any of us could.

Amy suggested a theme of 'travel' for the guest posts, since the reason she asked for them is because she's off exploring!  When she first asked, I'd not long gotten back from Paris, so I'd decided to do a Paris inspired manicures. I played around with a few different ideas in my head: A Paris skyline? Pastel coloured nails with Eiffel Tower accent nails? In the end, I came t0 the conclusion that of course I can't freehand an Eiffel Tower, ended up with something rather more unusual instead...

I'm originally from Swansea, where the bus provider is First Cymru. For some reason, after decided against a Paris manicure, the First buses popped into my head, and I decided it might make a good manicure.

Here's the manicure I ended up with!

I used Barry M Matt White, Max Factor Disco Pink, and Jessica Ruffled Bottoms. I did start off using tape for the lines, but i made such a mess that in the end I decided it'd be neater to just freehand the lines. One day I shall conquer tape... I did however use a bit of tape for the wavy thing on my ring finger (I never have been quite sure what that's supposed to be...), before adding the purple edge with a teeny dotting tool. I actually quite like the finished look! Perhaps I should look to public transport for inspiration more often!

Thank you again to Amy for letting me loose on her blog, and to all you lovely readers! I hope you enjoyed my post :)

Isn't Sam adorable!! I had no idea that she was originally from Swansea until she sent this post over. I love the nails and the inspiration they came from. Be sure to visit Sam's blog and say HI!! Thanks again love for all your help!
  1. Thank you again for letting me guest post for you! I hope you're having fun on your adventures :)

    1. I loved having you!! And adventures were super fun!

  2. I had to look up Swansea....I'm geographically challenged. What a cute design!


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