Guest Post: Nichole from Pretty Girl Science

Hi there, Fancy Side readers! I'm Nichole from Pretty Girl Science, and I have hijacked the blog today while Amy explores the universe...or whatever it is she's doing. I decided to vary from the norm a little bit and decided not to do nail art. Instead, I put together a very basic travel nail kit. It's got everything you absolutely need to have your nails looking fabulous while you are lounging on the beach or strolling down a boardwalk.

Before you go, make sure you give youself a good manicure. Take your time and let each layer cure fully, use quality polish, and use your favorite long-wearing topcoat. You might be able to get a week out of your original manicure this way. It's a lot easier to do your nails in the comfort of your own home with your full kit and collection at the ready. But once the first signs of chipping (or maybe you get bored. Seven days is a long time.) it'll be time to break out the supplies.

No one wants to bring their whole bag of tricks on vacation with them. My basic supply kit alone takes up a huge plastic bin. Besides the awkward size, I really dont think any of it would clear security these days. Instead, I have a very streamlined kit that will fit into a pocket or purse easily. Bonus: I *think* it should all be TSA friendly too! (dont quote me on that though. Be sure to check their website before you travel...just in case.)

Individually wrapped polish removing wipes
Sally Hansen Nail Polish sticker kits x2 (in case you change your mind)
Rosebud Salve
plastic sandwich bag

This is the bare necessities, I think. The individual wipes claim to be enough for 20 nails each. I wouldn't count on them to remove glitter or red polish, but they should do the job well enough without having to worry about a leaky bottle in your luggage. As for the actual polish: there are a thousand different ways you can go here. Sally Hansen makes tons of different patterns in the strips, and they are the easiest I've tried. Plus, the kit comes with a decent mini nail file and orange stick. You can also try polish pens or mini sized bottles of polish, but I can't recommend those. The pens I've tried either leak like crazy or dry out faster than you can even begin to get use out of them. And minis...well, there are quite a few hazards involved with bringing tiny glass bottles full of smelly/messy liquids along on a trip. Strips are by far the tidiest and least hassle.  Lastly, the Rosebud Salve is the best stuff ever. You can use it for minor burns and scrapes, diaper rash, lip balm, and cuticle balm. It's pretty affordable too at just $6.00. (FYI, if you do take this in your purse: bag it! In hot weather it will melt!)

Once you have everything assembled, just toss it into whatever little bag you have lying around. I like plastic sandwich bags, because then you have something that doubles as a trash know, just in case you're changing up your manicure far from civilization.

And there ya have it. Everything you'd need to have great nails while away from home and still travel light and comfortable! There are few things sadder than being 3,000 miles from your kit and having jagged free edge or a chippy manicure...except having to live with it for weeks.

Thanks for reading along, and I hope Amy is having a good time whereever she may be. (And has a killer manicure!)


Isn't Nichole fantastic? What a great take on the idea of travel themed nails. She went in a great direction and you'd better believe that I took her advice and packed a little travel kit just this for China. It's the perfect solution, and I don't have to worry about bottles breaking on my flight. LOVE IT!

Thanks again for stopping by Nichole! 
  1. Great idea! I always stick with SH salon effects when I'm away for an extended amount of time. I should probably look into individual remover wipes too though!

    1. It is isn't it? I packed exactly what Nichole recommended and it got my through China with flying colors!

  2. If I were going on vacation, I would only consider strips--they last a long time and I definitely don't want to worry about my nails when I'm supposed to be relaxing. The only think I would take would be a nail file and some clippers. :)

    1. I added the clippers to my bag as well. Worked great!

  3. great idea love all these guest posts!


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