#TheLacquerRing: Beach / Tropical

Do you ever feel like you lost your mojo? Lately I feel like I've been struggling to do anything more than solid colors on my nails. I just don't have the bandwidth to come up with neat looks, which bums me out. I'm not sure how to break out of the rut, but I think today's look is a start. 

#TheLacquerRing has the prompt of Beach/Tropical nails today and I wasn't sure the direction I wanted to go with. I decided to do Tropical and ended up Googling "tropical print" to get some inspiration. All the top images were a black base featuring bright green leaves from far away places. So, here we are. 

I started with a base of Painted Polish Midnight Mischief a delicious black cream. I then went in with four different Mundo de Unas polishes in High Green, Spring Green, Lemon Tree, and Gold. I added the four colors in random dots on the plate (MoYou London Tropical Collection 11) then scraped. It gave me a beautiful marbled look, which to me looks like the sun coming through and highlighting different parts of the leaves. 

If you got mojo tips for me, please please share! Otherwise, take the time to check out all the other ladies participating in #TheLacquerRing prompt today. Links are below.

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
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  1. I would have never have guessed you stamped the green over the black, I thought it was the reverse. Shows how great Mundos are. Looks gorgeous.

  2. Agree with Fross re: the stamping. And re: the gorgeous. - Bubbie

  3. This is perfection! I love how you created the marbled look.


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