Rainbow Nails with KBShimmer

Today I'm rocking a fun simple look. I need simple in my life with all the craziness I have going on lately. The kids theater show I've been working on like a mad woman, premiers today and talk about a time suck. Keep your fingers crossed that my kids remember all the lines. It's hard for fifth through eighth graders to put on a whole musical and they have worked so hard. I can't wait to see them in action!

For today's look, I went in with five of the KBShimmer Mega Flames polishes. Mega Flames is one of the finishes that KBShimmer makes and boy do they shine with rainbows. From Thumb to Pinky they are: Pink - Ripe for the Pink-ing, Orange - So Flameous, Yellow - Stalk Market, Green - Smells Like Green Spirit, and Blue - Set in Ocean.  I just applied two easy coats on each nail and went about my way. 

I was actually inspired to do this mani by my dear friend Lesley. I don't think she ever posted a full on pic of them, but peep at her photo with Jeffree Star and you can see them in action.  Or just pop over for all her other cool mani's and pics.

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
*all polishes were gifts or self purchased
  1. OK, I swear I commented on this last week!
    Thanks for including me, love! I did not end up taking a photo, but yours are awesome enough for the both of us!
    I said good luck with the show, but of course it went well. ;) - Bubbie


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