Falling Leaves with Daphine Polish

How's everyone doing lately? I was supposed to come home later this week for the holiday but my grandpa isn't doing so great, so I changed my flight and came home earlier. It's nice to have a few extra days to spend with family. I'm really looking forward to food and family the rest of the week. 

Today I have a fun look using two polishes from Daphine Polish. I recently was lucky enough to meet Joanne the maker, since these polishes come from NYC. She is super sweet and I couldn't wait to try these polishes out. 

This is The Beast, a dark maroon holographic polish filled with gold sparkles. The holographic effect is subtle in this polish, but I really love it. 

I then sponged on Castiel to the tips. It is a glitter polish that has brown, gold, purple, and red glitters in it. I'm in love with this. It looks gorgeous as a glitter topper, but I concentrated it more at the tips for a good contrast between it and The Beast. 

The look reminded me of fall, so I decided to paint some fallen leaves on my nails. I used all acrylic paints to paint on the leaves. 

Woo! We made it, I know that was a picture heavy post, but those polishes are just so pretty, I had to show you all the pictures. What do you think of the leaves?

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
*self purchased

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