Zoya's Magical Pixie Dust

It isn't often when I will pre-order something. But occasionally ..very occasionally, something comes along that I can't resist. As soon as I started seeing promo shots from Zoya about the Magical Pixie dusts, I knew they would be mine. (Is this where I insert my evil laugh?) 

But seriously...look at how freaking amazing just the bottle shots are. Look at that holographic sparklieness (totally a word, I don't care what spellcheck says). Ugh...it's so amazing. 

Before we talk about the colors, I want to discuss formula and application. All of these swatches are two easy thin coats, that dried rapidly, just like all the other Zoya Pixie Dusts. They dry down to a nice texture that isn't bothersome at all. I've heard some people complain about the big hexes making them too chunky and the texture being really thick, but I think those people are crazy, like legit don't know how to apply polish crazy. The formula is to die for and I LOVE them. 

Up first is Lux. Lux is a pale baby pink, that looks great on my skin tone. I suspect that it would look fantastic on all skin tones. This color has me dreaming of wedding manis already.

Next is Vega. A pale baby blue. This one makes me want to meow with pleasure. ;-) Seriously, did you see it?

Finally we have Cosmo. The name is spot on because this polish is out of this world. The silver pairs perfectly with the blue and pink.

My overall verdict is LOVE. I cannot wait to see if Zoya comes out with some brighter more vibrant shades of these for the summer. That would be amaze-balls, so I'll keep my prettily polished digits crossed.

What do you think of these? Love or *gasp* hate?

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee

*all polishes featured in this post were purchased by me
  1. I think I neither love or hate...more like indifferent. The only one that I *might* get sometime is Vega. I just am not that excited by the colors. If they come out with more vibrant shades, I might be all over that but until then, I think my wallet is safe.


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