Deborah Lippman Cosmic Love

Hello All! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, especially those of you that got an extra long one because of President's Day. I myself was not so lucky, but we had short hours at work, so I got to come home at a nicer hour than normal. 

Today I have a crazy insane full coverage glitter polish to show you. This is Deborah Lippman's Cosmic Love.  It's from the Starlight Mini Set. I got these as a gift from my Reddit Secret Santa, which was pretty exciting. 

Are you ready for these? They are a bit in your face. Here we go!

It took 3 coats and some minimal glitter placement to get full coverage with this polish. The base is a very light pink jelly and it is jam packed with all kinds of glitters. Like wowza, thats a lot of glitter. 

I tried stamping over these, because I wanted to use these for a Stamping Saturday. The glitter was too overwhelming for the stamping, but I thought I'd still show you. (Don't ask me what stamping plate, I don't remember.) 

What do you think? Crazy amounts of glitter right?

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee

*the polish featured in this post was given as a gift

  1. This is what I'd call a LEKKER glitter bomb!

    1. I know right? It was a total bitch to get off.

  2. How crazy was the removal process? That is A LOT of glitter.

    1. I did the foil method and just let it soak for forever!!


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