My Favorite Red Polish

Let's talk red nails for a minute. When I was a freshman in college, I stuck to very simple girly colors for my nails, mostly pinks and light purples. I was not adventurous at all. Strange, I'm sure considering how crazy I'll go with my nails now. I remember one time, my friend Jayne talked me into wearing red polish. I wore it for an hour tops, then took it off, mostly because I thought it looked so mature and just wasn't me. Present me wishes past me had rocked that red nail, but I make up for that mistake now. 

Everyone has a favorite red nail polish. There are a TON of options out there and I own a lot of them, but I always come back to Butter London's Pillar Box Red. It's the perfect shade of red for me, especially my skin tone. I just adore it. Here I've worn it with an accent nail of Butter London Bit Faker (full swatch here) just to add a little pizazz. 

What is your favorite red polish?

Enjoy & Until next time, Amy Lee

*all polishes featured in this post were purchased by me
  1. I'm loving this. I usually stay away from reds because I just don't think they look good on me...except for super dark blackened ones. Also, when I first started blogging my camera would just not photograph reds so I just stopped bothering with buying them. Now I'm just used to not wearing them....maybe I'll pull one out before xmas.

    1. I used to think that way about black and greys when I started blogging. Not anymore. You should give reds another chance. They look awesome on everyone.


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