Snow Day Nails

Can we talk about how its almost the end of March and it snowed 8 inches last night? What the hellski Mother Nature? Seriously...this is ridiculous. I want warm weather and I want it now. Maybe we should protest. Who is with me? Anyone....

Because it was snowing I decided to have a Snow Day Manicure. I decided to use two OPI polishes for this manicure. I went with French Quarter for Your Thoughts and Which is Witch?

I started with a base of French Quarter for Your Thoughts. It took 3 thin coats to get full opacity. This polish applied wonderfully. FQFYT is a beautiful cement medium gray. This is from the Fall Touring America 2011 collection. 

I really love this gray on it's own, but I decided to spice it up with Which is Witch? This polish is from the new The Great and Powerful Collection based off of the Oz: The Great and Powerful movie.

Which is Witch? has a great glitter payoff. This polish has a clear base filled with ultra-small, fine, and medium hexagon glitters it also has really fine bar glitters in the mix. I really love this topper because the glitters are all holographic. Who doesn't love that? Lets take a look at this bottle on its own.

You can see the flashes of holographic goodness in that polish. How delicious is that? Lets take one more look at the pretties on my fingers.

Have you been getting snow where you are? Are you sick of it yet? I know I am.

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee

*all polishes in this post were purchased by me
  1. I love FQFYT. You know how I love me some grey-ish neutrals. Pretty holo glitter too... even if I am not into the hairy bar stuff.

    1. When I found this grey, I thought about you. Is it weird that I associate colors with you? Cause I do.


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