Digit-al Dozen: Vampy

Hey all! I have some very exciting news. I've officially joined up with the lovely ladies over at the Digit-al Dozen and will be doing monthly prompts with themes that run the course of a week. So you'll see five prompts in one week with the same theme. I'm beyond excited to be joining these talented ladies. Here's hoping I can live up to expectations.

So for my first week with this group, we are doing Vampy for the prompt. I started off with a subtle take on the prompt. A beautiful, dark, sexy, vampy polish that helps debut my new nail shape. I'm trying out coffin again, because it seems vampy but also fun for the halloween month. I think I need to refine the shape a bit more, so expect a few tiny changes as I figure it all out. But for you oval lovers, have no fear. They'll return soon enough. This is just for fun not a permanent change.

As I mentioned a beautiful, dark, sexy, vampy polish is here and it is ILNP Mon Amour. This is a deep, almost black, purple polish filled with sexy little holographic flashes. This one, ya'll it is a STUNNER.

There it is. I'll see you tomorrow for more vampy. Check out all the other vampy designs down below. There are some gorgeous ones in there!

Enjoy & until next time, Amy Lee
*self purchased

  1. Wow! What a stunning swatch! <3 I love me a good purple & ILNP is such a great brand.

  2. Stunning polish! I have an ILNP I wanna use this week too! Something Orchid! I can't remember at this exact moment.:)

  3. Pretty polish, I don't have anything like this!

  4. Wow, that is a beautiful polish!!


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