The Fancy Side: It’s like the Dark Side but with Nail polish & Glitter

Well, I pulled the trigger. I have way to much fun with nail polish, I have way to much nail polish, and no way to document what I’ve done. Hence this blog. Let’s keep our perfectly polished digits crossed that I can manage to keep up with it.
While talking with my friend Valerie, I convinced her that polish is fun. And when she became “addicted” I told her, it’s like the Dark Side but with Nail Polish & Glitter. I’ve only seen those silly Star Wars movies once, but I know enough to say that I’m the Dark Side and she is young Anakin. (Is that right? I’m not to sure, ahh well…you get the point). My BF would be so proud of me for that reference, that is if it is right.
So yeah….I’m here and I’m polished. I don’t really know what the future holds, but I know I’ll be polished, and I promise to do my best to show you all the looks.
Lets start with some oldies, but goodies. Most of these have been done during the last six months. Enjoy.
 Phone Photo Dump 428This one was inspired by this pin on Pinterest, however, I kind of want to revisit these nails, because I think I can get them closer to the inspiration.
Phone Photo Dump 564
This was one of my favorite designs recently, I wore it longer than most. Love the colors here. I’m usually not an animal print person, but this design convinced me other wise.
Phone Photo Dump 403 This was my first go at Ikat print nails. I was surprised by how easy they were and I didn’t need any fancy tools to make it happen.
Phone Photo Dump 461
This was my first go at Interlocking Dots, a fun way to jazz up any mani. I loved this so much, and then ended up ruining it the next day. Boo.
Phone Photo Dump 720 And last but not least, some Houndstooth Holographic Stamping. I was so in love with this manicure. It was filled with sparkly goodness that was continously distracting.
Anyways, Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed it. I’ll be back soon with more Manicures. ~Amy Lee
  1. I have yet to try Ikat print nails mostly because I think I will be a total failure at them. I either have to go super simple or super elaborate (full on drawings) or else my manis look like crap. Glad you started a blog! ;) Now to figure out a way for people to subscribe...hehehe

    Oh, and also: the captcha thing. Let's get rid of it, ok? lol


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